Shit Brown Revenge

There’s a rule in the Greenbriar POA - that stands for property owners association, but it should actually be powerless old assholes because that’s more the truth of the ruling committee - that states people have to clean up dog shit.

It’s common decency I suppose though I don’t often do it myself, but then again my dog usually shits in the next neighborhood over from ours and I have no idea what their rules are. I operate on the belief they welcome my dog’s poop. If your dog craps in my yard in the middle of the night, then congratulations on a job well done. But if your dog is shitting in my yard as I pull into my garage, you gotta pick it up. I’m so kind, I’d even take am apology for not picking it up due to a lack of proper tools, but just don’t walk off because I am unloading my kids and can’t call you out on it. Don’t do it and expect nothing to come of it. I’m no bitch.

The new neighbors learned this lesson when he did this to me. He let his dog crap in my yard and didn’t say a damn thing. So this morning before dawn I took that turd, moist with dew and polished his car with it. Game, set, match dip shit.

220-205 15 pounds 28 Days

It’s water weight right? I’m starving all the time right? I’m exercising like it’s gonna be made illegal? I’m on something? All those questions have the same answer of No! (Unless you count caffeine which technically is being on something but in my defense I’ve drank coffee through fat and thin.)

Recently I haven’t exercised much. I’m a shift worker and a busy father. My joints were hurting there for a while so I’ve taken time off to adapt to ketosis and research methods of working out so I’m taking it easy for a little while… When I get back to it, my new squat rack is calling my name and I’m very excited to hear it’s call.

My big concentration has been hitting my ratios of fat to protein and getting my salts and it’s making this keto go around pretty easy.

I’ve also brought back the intermittent 24 hours fast to transition in and out of night shifts. This has been a nice little easy to do thing given that I sleep a lot on my flips.

Keto reduces inflammation?

Here’s a sexy fact about me. My teeth bleed. They have always bled no matter my best efforts at dental hygiene. My gums have been fairly inflamed until just recently when all of a sudden, it stopped. It’s stinking freaking magic. It’s keto magic as far as I am concerned and through it science is revealing itself.

I have speculated for a while that gingivitis has something to do with inflammation. About six years back, I had to go on a trip for work to Mexico, but I got pretty sick about two days before the trip and it was that kind of virus with the body ache and the head cold with sinus infection. It was fairly bad and my fear was that I was going to miss out on a high paying inspection job if I had to pull the trigger so I went my doctor (by which I mean the urgent care doc) and explained to him that I had to get on the plane at all cost.

The doctor said he could do that and gave me a steroid shot that could cure an elephant’s ails. I burned a high fever that night of around 101 and slept for like 14 hours, but when I woke up, I felt like a radiating beam of pure awesome. I love cortical steroids. The disabling body ache and pounding head were gone.

The next day I noticed that my teeth didn’t bleed when I brushed them which is something that hasn’t not happened since I was a kid. It was pretty cool. I always figured that the Dentist was right and that I just didn’t do enough to take care of my teeth and that I ate too much junk food which I did. I never really pondered the idea that there was another plausible explaination.

They say that good dentists can tell you a lot about your over all health by the condition of your mouth. My mouth has been inflamed for years now. What if the dentists are wrong about it being the sugar solely acting on the gums and teeth as being the root cause? What if it the sugar in the blood as well?

My teeth are no longer bleeding and my mouth is less inflamed. At this point, it has been 28 days of keto. I’m losing weight and now this bonus. To me, this could be proof that the high fat diet, low/moderate protien, ultralow carb diet is the way nature intended us to eat.


13 pounds 18 days

It’s just amazing really… I’m banging along at the keto thing and the thing is I know I’m gonna drop some water weight. Usually in previous attempts, that’s been about eight pounds. This time I dropped ten no sweat and then damn it if I didn’t gain back two pounds for reasons beyond my understanding.
In my usual discouraged manor I started reading my books and contemplating a cheat day. But this time I held the course, lowered my protein which had been too high for a couple days, did some sprinting after my dead lifts and razzle dazzle 207 on the scale.

Now, the scale isn’t the be all end all, but I know that if I am keeping my muscle mass as I should be, then two things should be happening. First I should be getting stronger, which I am. And secondly, I should getting lighter which I am.

Life is anarchy

There are so many things out there that want to kill you that sometimes just living makes you an anarchist. Don’t look now but somewhere in your house, death is playing sweet love making, violin music outside the hollowed-out, weight bearing beam left by termites while two black widows violently f*ck like two closeted, frat-boy rapists trying to figure out who’s the catcher for this first time. Put on your sunglasses if you make it outside because that ceaseless fire orb is trying to cook you today and slow screw you with melanoma tomorrow. Get to your car, remember your seat belt, then try not to remember that most of the parts were made by near slave labor in less then ideal conditions and then inspected by a guy who gets paid the same no matter how well he does the job. Hop on the highway, where empty nester, ex soccer moms update their Facebook status through the rosy lenses of Xanax at seventy miles an hour in SUVs big enough to give a Panzer tank an inferiority complex, and you might make to the office. Take a deep breath and stretch because you’re about to sit for eight hours or more while the Poptarts you ate for breakfast, sitting, and the stress of deadlines slowly work at clogging your arteries.

At the end of the day, you do those things in reverse. Make it home at the end of the day in one piece, and look at the ones you love and tell death to fu*ck itself for one more day.

The Nexus of Self is Control Epiphany

The nexus of self is control. That’s the epiphany I made today. I know it’s a little spacey but here’s what I mean in a nutshell:

The central point of who you are is that which you control within yourself. If there is nothing that you control, as in everything is out of control, then you have lost yourself.

You hear people say, “I was so out of control, I didn’t know who I was anymore.” Today that totally makes sense to me. That’s why this diet thing matters so much to me. It’s my one thing I’m control of and from that center focus, my self comes in to view with greater resolution.

The drunks over at AA talk about control in their Serenity Prayer when they ask for the courage to change the things in their lives that they can. That’s an insightful thing to ask for and for me that’s what this diet is about; by changing the things I can, likel my waist circumference I become healthier and the whole course of my life changes as I extend my longevity.

The course

Staying the course sucks when the going gets tough. This is where my life is at on a lot of levels. On the family level of life, I’ll readily admit that I don’t really worry about the course that things are going because that is more of the realm of my wife. She is amazing. I know that the course that she takes on most things will get us to where we need to be.

For myself, this course is hard. I haven’t had a father figure in my life since I was about 19. I’m successful by most people’s definitions of the term, but I really wish that there was someone out there that could help guide me, from this point of my life (35) on to the next stage of things. I wish for instance, I could meet someone that this age with four kids and decided to start a business that was successful and didn’t cause the starvation of his family or too much of a loss of family time.
I’m plotting my own course and I have to say that this is scary water because I never met anyone that went through these waters with any kind of success. That said, I use my one guiding principle which is to do the right thing by my family because at the end of the day, they are the reason that I do anything,

Diet wise, things are also troubling… After losing all of the water weight that goes with the first week of keto, I stalled out and then I picked up a little weight. I guess that this is my body figuring out how to use the resources that I give it…. It could be I’m a little constipated. I’ll just hold the course and see…. That course will take me through the fiber isle of Walgreens :-).

Vegan shmeegan

I’m very tired of vegans slamming animal (fat) diets. There’s an ironically thin line between fit and frail that vegans tread all the time. And while the balancing act is actually admirable to me, the fact remains there are other ways to achieve healthiness.